Have you ever thought to yourself what is an auto broker? Well today I’m gonna tell you all about it. My name is Ronnie Haskins. I am the owner of AutoSearch USA and I am an auto broker. I have been doing this for the past 20 or so years and I want to shed some light on what an auto broker is.

First things first, the state recognizes an auto broker as someone who acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Quite frankly, I’m here to tell you that’s NOT what we do. We actually do buy the cars and resell them just like a normal dealer BUT we have your best interests in mind.

We don’t spend our time trying to sell you vehicles that we have on the lot we spend the majority of our time trying to help you make a good decision for yourself and your family.


That means that we don’t have to sell Toyota’s… we don’t have to sell Honda’s…we don’t have to sell Chevy’s. We work to help you make the best decision on the vehicle that you want to buy.

That is very very fun for us! We can tell you what is a bad option or this is a good option and we can also tell you why. We want to make sure the car fits your budget, fits your lifestyle, and also is helpful to you instead of taking away from your life financially.


There are an array of different things that you can do when you’re looking to finance a vehicle and we are going to share all of those options with you. Whether it be a special from the manufacturer like 0%. A leasing option or just regular conventional financing with a credit union or bank. We’re going to be able to go over all of those options with you in one hour.

One of the most fun things for me is bringing up vehicles that you may not have thought about. We like to help you open your horizons when it comes to thinking about different types of vehicles for your family. You may think I only like this specific car. Then when we sit down together we are going to challenge you and help you figure out if that’s the right decision or if you should be looking to something else.  


We work with your best interest in mind. We want to make sure that whatever deal we do is a win-win situation. That means financially for you as well as getting the right vehicle for you and your family. One of the most valuable things we bring to the table being an auto broker is that we value your time. We can help you make a decision on what you should be buying and what fits your budget best in about one hour.