What if I told you that your success depends on what’s going on in your head, and you can think it into existence? We’re going to talk about thinking and manifesting!

About 12 years ago I made a change. I made a change mentally that led to fast success in my business and my personal life in general. I’m going to tell you a quick story about how this shift happened. Do you have a friend who is always positive? They’re always telling you that they’re doing great? Every time they pick up the phone they’re like, “Man I’m doing fantastic!”. Well that’s my brother, Kris Haskins. About 12 years ago, every time I called Kris he would answer the phone and say, “Man I’m blessed. I’m doing fantastic. How are you doing Ronnie?” Week after week after week that continued to happen. One day I hung up the phone from talking to him and thought, is he really doing that well? Are you doing that well Kris? I decided to call him. I said, “Kris, tell me why is it that you’re doing so well all of the time?”. What he said next changed me…he said, “My brother, listen man, you got to be grateful for the little things in life. Listen to it this way, you are standing upright and you’re breathing air. You pretty much won the lottery.”

Now that took a little while for it to sink in.

I am standing upright, and I’m breathing air, so I’m alive. I should be very grateful for that right? BUT how do you become empowered by it? After giving it a lot of thought I realized he was right. It doesn’t matter that I make money, lose money, win a deal, “succeed” in life, any of that stuff. It does not matter if I’m not standing upright and breathing air.

That is the story of how I got this shift in my brain.

Let me tell you how it affected me. I understood that things weren’t just going to magically change. Every day can still have difficult moments. Finding deals, building your business is still difficult. BUT once I figured out that I had already won because I’m up in the morning… I’m moving… I’m healthy… That made these negative influences in my life a lot easier to bear. This is a true story. This is really how it happened. I shifted my mind, and it gave me more energy to work. I knew that I had already won the day. Whether I lost money or made money didn’t matter. When I came in to work and I had to get things done, I got them done.

So here is a way you can apply this in your life. Starting right now when you’re done reading this… or tomorrow morning first thing when you get up, tell yourself, “I’m alive and breathing. I’m moving forward so I’ve already won.” Then the next step is to apply that energy into what you’re going to tackle for the day. Those things could be cold calls, door knocks, pop-bys, Things that are difficult to do in business, but they’ve got to get done.

Once you have this attitude of, “you’re winning already because you’re breathing air”, it makes it a lot easier to go get those difficult tasks done. At the end when you finish you celebrate that you made the calls, you stopped at however many offices, you dug a trench, whatever it was that was difficult to do… CELEBRATE that you got it done. The magic of all of that is the success will follow that activity. I’m not telling you that things are just going to be magically easier, but if you can get up every day and celebrate the fact that you’re alive and breathing air, you’re going to win! That’s it. Give it a shot, starting right now.