So, you want to own a business or be an entrepreneur with no formal training or education like me? Stick with me, I’m going to talk about it starting right now!

Okay today we’re talking about having no formal education, no formal training and

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Back in the day when I started my business it was tough, we didn’t have all the different technological advances that we have now and you know, when I started thinking about it, it was before Shark Tank.

So, we’re talking like right around 1998-99 is when I started my plan to be a business owner. I didn’t really have any examples to follow. I didn’t have any role models to look up to that weren’t like mega stars like you know, Richard Branson or somebody major. I just had what I saw every day and I had a strong desire to win.

Commit to lifelong learning

So if you are that person and you’re thinking that you want to do this and you want to get into business for yourself, if you want to be an entrepreneur then let me tell you – you can do it! Without a doubt no, formal training no education. But you do have to continue to learn and even this time for me 20 years in I am finding that to be so true. I must learn new things so that I can advance my business because face it guys, if we’re not growing, we’re dying.

Vault Conference 2019

I’m going to share with you three things I’m going to be working on this year that is going to help advance my business and help me grow. Even though I’ve been doing this a long time I learned so much. Just to give you a little backdrop. I went to the very first Vault conference which was hosted by Patrick Bet-David in Dallas last month and basically it was amazing. I got to learn so many things. I’m just going to share with you three of the things that I learned and what I’m going to apply to my business and hopefully it’ll help you as well.

Processing Issues

Okay the first thing I’m going to share with you that I’m going to be using is processing issues. Like your entire team processing issues. How many of you when you have an issue come up in your business you decide, and then throughout the day and the week you start to process that decision and see what happens with it??? You know, that was me for many, many, years. What I learned at the conference was processing the issues coming to a decision that we all agree on as a team is going to save us so much time! So that’s the first thing I would work on if I were you. Basically, learning how to process issues in a methodical way. Whoever you decide to follow, if it’s Patrick Bet-David, if it’s somebody else, find a book on just processing issues and that will help the smaller issues not get to your desk. Also, it’ll empower your team to be able to make decisions without you which we are finding to be amazing.

Sales formulas

The next thing I’m going to be working on and maybe you can too is formulas for your salespeople. You know, basically having a formula that you can show your salespeople that if they follow, they will make X amount of dollars, and that’s a formula, so maybe you’re in the same boat as me. I’ve been doing it for so long that the formulas are right here (in my head). You’ve got to work those out. I’ve got to figure those things out but that’s what we’re doing right now in order to grow. We need to come up with formulas that we can share with our salespeople. Teach them how to hit those goals and achieve those targets and they will get the success that they need to

see to be happy in your company.

Innovative Campaign

The next thing is having an innovative campaign. For years, being a car guy, I never wanted an innovative campaign, because you see them every day. 72 months financing for 0%, the Memorial Day Sale is coming up. We’ve got all these different types of sales and campaigns running all the time and so I’ve always wanted to be different than that dealer. So, I don’t really do innovative campaigns, which I found out at the conference is negative. It’s like it’s not giving us anything to rally behind. So, I am coming up with an innovative campaign that we can use daily, weekly, monthly. We are going to run it for about six months. It’s not going to sound like a car deal but when I get that video done, I’ll post it.

Create a campaign and test if for 6 months

For your company, what are you doing that is innovative? What kind of campaign are you using to advance your sales team? To advance your message right now? So, when you’re looking at this video and you’re thinking about what the title is- stop and think – you too can own a business without any formal training or education, but you have to keep learning. I think I already knew that but just going to that conference and learning that I needed to keep my mind open to new ideas was just priceless. I think it was amazing for me to see different things from different people at different stages that were growing their businesses. Just to know that if I continue to learn I’m going to be able to continue to grow.

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