Nearly three-quarters of Americans say that their biggest cause of stress in their lives is finances. They worry more about money than work, family, or politics. When it comes to car shopping, the stress can compound. 61% of those surveyed said the car buying experience was a major life stressor.

Car brokers make it easy to buy a car without any of the stress associated with it.

What Is a Car Broker?

A professional auto broker works for you, not the car dealership. We are a licensed dealer, but we aren’t tied to a specific brand of car,  which means we have access to ALL makes and models of vehicles.  That makes a big difference in the way you are treated and the experience you will have. A car broker will work with you to understand what you want and need, and find the perfect vehicle for you.

Why Use a Car Broker for Car Shopping?

Forget the stress, the haggling, and always wondering if you’re getting the best deal. Here are five reasons car shoppers are increasingly turning to auto brokers when it’s time to buy or lease their next vehicle.

Transparent Pricing

Ever go to a dealership, sit down to figure out the cost, and wonder what all these extra fees are about?  That doesn’t happen with a car broker. Pricing on everything is 100% transparent and you’ll know exactly what every item needs and whether it’s necessary or not.

More Financing Options

Auto brokers work for you. So, they will have access to multiple financing options, including those for people with less-than-perfect credit. They can present you with the best financing options available, so you can choose the one that fits your budget best.

Many dealers also make their money by marking up financing or steering you into financial deals that provide incentives for them. Car brokers can find you the best financing rates without the markup.

Young man hugging his new car he purchased through an auto broker

Get the Perfect Vehicle

Endless searching online for the perfect car at the perfect prices can be exhausting. Driving to different dealerships to see what’s on the lot can wear you out.  Brokers do that for you. For example, Ronnie and the team at AutoSearch USA have access to more than 300,000 vehicles every day, so they can find you the perfect one.

When you visit a dealer, they’ll search their inventory and then try to convince you the car they have is the best fit for you. Car brokers will search for inventory across dealerships and locations. Not only will they search the local dealerships, but they can find the right car anywhere in the country to meet your needs. 

Save Time & Reduce Stress During Car Buying Process

The car buying experience doesn’t have to be stressful. You can relax and let someone else do it for you. Not only does that reduce stress, but it also saves you a lot of time.

Rather than spending hours visiting dealerships, talking to sales staff, and scouring internet sites to find what you want, our process takes about an hour, making things easier for you.

Auto broker handing over the keys to a customer who just leased a car

Never Have to Set Foot inside a Dealership

Car sales are a numbers game for car dealers. When they sell cars, they make money. Many will use high-pressure tactics or try to wear you down to get the sale. When you use a broker all of that vanishes. 

The car broker works only for you to find the perfect vehicle for your unique situation.

AutoSearch USA will find the car you want, make sure it passes inspection from an ASE-certified mechanic, and have your vehicle detailed and serviced. All the paperwork will be ready for you and you can get in and out and drive home in your dream car. 

If you have a trade-in or car to sell, AutoSearch USA can handle that for you, too.

If you’d like to talk about buying a car or leasing a car, contact Ronnie and the team at AutoSearch USA and let them go to work for you.